Refill Calendar

The culmination of our eco-friendly philosophy

We are increasingly more likely to buy things for immediate, single-use consumption in this day and age. We often don’t think about what we already have in our houses, offices, and places where we spend our free time. Here at Cursi, we wish to make our own, small contribution to reversing this hit-and-run trend. We want to build a future with less waste and more value.

Our Green Calendar

We have patented a Green Calendar with a fixed base and eco-friendly sheets of PET to give form to our manufacturing philosophy centered around recycling and environmental sustainability.

This calendar is produced from bottles of water collected during waste separation. When the year’s over, you can recycle the PET sheets again, essentially giving life to new objects.

We patented the fixed-based system to allow you to replace the sheets periodically. Year after year, it’s 100% recyclable.

2022 dedicated to our land

This year we want to pay tribute to our land, landscapes and Prosecco hills, Unesco Heritage.

Original shoots, by photographers Mario Vidor, Arcangelo Piai, Angelo Bressan and Claudio Schincariol.

The photos are printed by Cursi through an eco-friendly production process with state-of-the-art technologies.