High resistance outdoor labels

Made to withstand water and UV rays

Our 130 years of experience have helped us perfect our techniques for label printing. We’ve dedicated years to research into materials, exploration, and experimentation, looking for the newest and most revolutionary solutions.

This is how we became experts on adhesive materials, leading us to create high resistant labels for outdoor environments.

Etichette ad alta resistenza Cursi

Our outdoor labels don’t tear and are water-resistant and UV-resistant. They can be applied to glass, plastic, and wood, as well as on straight or curved surfaces.

Deliveries are monitored from initial preparation to final delivery

Every single package we send it labeled with an advanced system, giving us full control over every phase of the operation, from preparation to delivery.

Once we receive a delivery request for a certain amount of labels by a specific day, those labels will always arrive on time. Keeping our word is a question of pride. Being punctual is a question of respect.

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