Removable adhesives

The story of a problem solved: labels that can’t be removed

After we’ve purchased something, whether its a simple glass or a 40-inch television, we have to remove the label or price tag.

We try everything, but the label won’t budge.

Either that or it rips, leaving little pieces glued to our product.

Or maybe we manage to get it all off, but we’re left with a sticky smudge or mark. It’s all very frustrating, especially if you paid a significant sum for your purchase.

Why does this happen?

Because every single adhesive has to be designed based on the material it will be applied to. A computer monitor isn’t the same as a smartphone or a television screen!

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Our answer? 100% made in Cursi

We want a world without smudges, half-ripped adhesives, or ruined products.

We reached out and listened to the needs of businesses that produce appliances, automobile parts, glass products, and so on. These companies all manufacture products that need adhesives which are simple to apply and easy to remove, so we developed our CUBI3216 technology.

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