Cursi for the environment

Eco-sustainability is our duty

Today, more than ever, the issue of eco-sustainability is a hot topic with companies. We are called to be increasingly aware of the environmental impact that our work brings along with it.  

Our Laboratorio Poligrafico didn’t want to remain on the sidelines, and so we’ve chosen to take part with real solutions.

The use of recycled and recyclable film

We specialize in the treatment of synthetic substrates: we have spent years coming up with solutions that involve the use of film from recycled materials that are 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

Complete removal of harmful, toxic liquids

We have chosen to eliminate all toxic liquids used in the development and gumming process

Recycling and reuse of ink-cleaning solvents

In order to obtain tangible results, we decided first to make changes to our production mechanisms. To contrast the pollution caused by ink disposal, we designed a system that allows for the distillation of cleaning solvents. The distillation residues do not exceed 5% of the distilled product.

With this process, we can reuse the liquids without having to dispose of them. This way, we have practically eliminated the use of solvents

System of ink drying with LED technology

We have adopted a method for drying ink with LED technology, which allows us to eliminate both the production of ozone gas – which is generated during the polymerization of UV inks – and the use of mercury – which is necessary for UV Curing systems.

In comparison to the standard system of mercury drying, the LED approach saves 80% of energy.

Reuse of wastepaper and recyclable film

Wastepaper and film produced by our company are sent to specialized facilities where they undergo a process to be reused. This waste gets transformed into clothing apparel, everyday items, or new materials for the graphic industry.

Recycling aluminum from Offset printing plates

We have chosen to recover the aluminum from Offset printing, smelting the plates.

Automatic pre-set to reduce waste during production

We have developed an automated pre-set system on our printing machinery that cuts by more than 60% the number of sheets, ink, and production waste needed to reach our quality standards.

Biodegradable and compostable fillers

Another result we are proud of is the use of compostable fillers in the empty spaces of our boxes to protect their contents. We have opted for padding made with a film derived from corn that is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

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The use of recycled paper or with FSC Certification

We solely and exclusively use recycled or FSC Certified paper to carry out our projects. FSC Certification attests that the paper used in our printing was made with materials that respect forestation management standards.

Sustainable air-conditioning

A geothermal-like system provides the air-conditioning in our work sections: cold water circulates from our well to the hydraulic circuits of the conditioning system.

In this way, we eliminate the need for air conditioners, which use highly pollutant refrigerant gases.

Energy-saving lights

In our plan to move increasingly toward energy saving, we have equipped the company with LED lights and high efficiency / low consumption lighting systems.

We’re just getting started: our research and development department works every day to conceive and implement real, sustainable actions in our company.